Techenders April 2015

  • By Paul
  • 12 Jan, 2017

Speaker gate

Techenders April 2015
A heavy friday night. I woke up late to beautiful sunshine. One of my speaker covers had fallen off in the night, I refitted it before i'd even had breakfast. Smiling, I walked past some fellow techenders already working hard. One of them broke of from his work to enquire how I was?   "Fantastic, I've already done my first job of the day, refitting a speaker cover!"   , I replied.  I'd only just woken, I'd barely even noticed they were involved in proper hardcore work, changing ball joints or something similar and far more technical than I could fathom. Instead of getting smacked round the chops with a spanner, they just smiled!  In the bar on Saturday evening they took the piss and suggested I write a "How to guide" on refitting speaker grills.

Serious work takes place at Techenders.......for some people, others are far lazier.
I redeemed myself later by changing my fuel inlet banjos on my dellorto carbs and helped Stewart change his gear box oil. I'd recently paid £100 to have my gearbox oil changed by a professional, so Techenders can save you money as well as being fun!

I still haven't written the speaker guide, but the piss taking still continues.

Later in the year I was having  clutch problems on the Isle of Wight. I turned to the latebay forum for help. In addition to online help a forum member living on the Island came and helped in person. I'd never even met him before that day. The clutch got sorted, my partner had gone to bed, so I went online to thank people for helping. Someone had enquired how my speakers were? It made me laugh. I got into bed,  turned over and my speaker grille fell off again!  

From forum, the list of 'job's people planned on doing at Techenders April 2015:

rickyrooo1 - hopefully not a lot.... pre mot check no plans for repairs although i might fit an AWOOGAhorn.

skirk - Hopefully any glitches on conversion will have been ironed out. May need help sorting dodgyhorn after fitting new indicator stalk.

AndyC - Wire up tacho gauge. Check timing. Fit hot start relay. Fit headlight relay. Sell parts. Give camper first night out!

pkrboo - I am a maybe at the moment - if i do come I wont be doing much apart from maybe drinking and thats it!!

Baysearcher - Hopefully be there. Getting @@davidoft to show me how adjust my doors

brothernumberone - I'll try to sort the wiring out on my van.(again)

zed - Cursing a flat or forgotten leisure battery as usual.

oscar - rear brake and hand brake adjusting, a few window seals, fitting a split charge kit and tappets and timing.....

Top Banana Racing - Fitting rubber seals to all doors and front window scrapers. I can bring a big tool box full of useful stuff and a box of VW spares if that helps anyone.

paradox - Eating,drinking and sleeping

1973daisey - fixing what iv broken from now untill then and chilling for a change drinking and making tea

davidoft - Still gotta fix my starting issue and fit my lighter socket     and drinking tea, perhaps an afternoon nap

vdub brvs - no bus this year but will camp and offer help well ask my bro to help you lol.

SeanOC - I'm coming, basic service maybe & fit a leisure battery with split relay

tommygoldy - planning to be there. will see how i'm getting on with the to do list...

baybirmingham - If I've moved house by then I will be there (will be virtually round the corner from Eddie's by then!) - anyone want to start to teach me to weld?   Will be bringing chocolate cake (made by ME errrrrrrr........) as per request from @@Beaver

PeaSoup - took my engine out yesterday, so assuming my new one is in and working I'll be there. No specific jobs planned, happy to help anyone out.

Fruitcake - I'd like to fit new door seals and am happy to help anybody do anything.

earlybaybob - possibly new lights and wiring on my trailer and other smaller jobs on the van. Just general visitor too!

Beaver- eating baybirminghams chocolate cake. And maybe fitting my new "log-lugger"

3 crispies - Hopefully be there Friday night with kids would like @ davidoft to help me adjust sliding door, have found an old dwell meter if anyone wants it.

sANDYbAY - happy to help out or drink coffee and read a book.

bryandsi - eating, drinking tea, looking at engines and going Ooooo and re-hanging my slider to get a better gap!

Nooster - Whatever breaks on the way!

MK-Bay - Undecided... lots of little jobs to do, but may decide instead to drink cider and wander aimlessly around lending a hindrance hand to anyone who's willing to put up with me in need of help!

MorkC68 - coming along to see what Techenders is about. Not got any jobs to do - will lend a hand. Or Ill chill out   Will be there Saturday morning

chris_g - Need help with door alignment and advice on suspension. Also like to talk about good up grades for t1 engines. Happy to help out where needed. Coming Saturday.

thebusmonkey and Mrs Monkey - Hopefully nothing major & MOT permitting.Perhaps putting in the 230v & USB sockets we did without last year! Fiddling with the Beetle, sleeping in Chip and drinking beer & wine.

Hopefully coming but at best just for fri leaving sat  
Drinking and eating so not leaving to early sat morning  
@@Lasty - Changing rice pudding in the gear linkage ....  
(from p.3 but forgot to cut and paste   )

Skutterbob - (Third time lucky - and thanks to those who replied already) Hopefully replace rear suspension doughnuts as I have an annoying squeak

Merlin Cat - possibly fitting the seals around my handbrake etc that I bought at busfest.
Purchasing towing hook from @@davidoft and showing him my spare wheel support
Looking at what other people are doing     and thinking about my folding caravan. @rickyroo1 I love doombar

Sick Boy I will be there with Andy who will hopefully be in his van if it's ready. I'm going to change my gear box oil and bleed the brakes - getting a 'bleed the brakes kit' to bring with me

Kkkaty - hopefully will be coming with teenage son. Basic service skills sorely needed and attention to heater fan. If I even have one? Thorough imbibation of Doom Bar and intoduction of son to same.

Davedub - I have finally managed to squeeze some time off work but just to do a service with the timing. Maybe also check out how you change the gear box oil.

Stewart Kombi - got a pass out!
Bleeding brakes, and absorbing advice on bearings.. Changing gear oil. Greasing. Maybe none of those things. Bringing vw stuff to swop, like swap shop. Helping anybody I can.

dubster - Will try and make it, buying a new house and moving and all this **** at the moment so not sure....... I've got a fuse I need to change....

paulcalf - Doubtful i'll be able to make it, but if i do:
Hopefully being shown by @@davidoft how to adjust my doors to fit better and prevent as much rain entering! Fitting a fuel filter OUTSIDE of the engine bay if @@Baysearcher can convince me its for the best and if I get some fuel line and clamps in time. Fitting some banjos to my dellortos if they arrive. Providing my 'insight' to @@chris_g about T1 engine upgrade options. NOT doing the curry run as I did last years!

Nzbusboy saturday morning arrival, tea drinking and looking at fridge wiring and wiring for stereo, any odd job i can think of along the way  

Edited to include some actual work I might actually do

Fallen off -
Wigglesworth - attempting to fit a JK reversing light fitting kit (unless someone knows of something better?), watching & taking notes on any welding or handbrake/brake shenanigans.

CollyP - hopefully turning up late. Doing bugger all except drinking beer / wine / meths and mooching about, knowing nothing, but hoping osmosis is in the air!  

lowe - as little as possible  
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