Techenders August 2015

  • By Paul
  • 09 Feb, 2017

Summer, summer, summertime, time to sit back and unwind!

I missed this Techenders as I was getting soaked in the bus in Wales!

Who knows if any of this took place:
Rickyroo - real ale convert
Moons - me myself and O
Lord Congi - trying to "get down". 
Mork C68 - game for a go
Lowie - head down
Wanty - tentatively looping
Lasty - Ooooo
Zed -
Sick Boy (Gear box oil change, brakes)
Flakey-Pickup shakedown so could be anything
Baysearcher - loafing
Whereufromnosecity (Stu) - Having an nose helping hand
The Mooseys (possibly) - maybe doing summink to the van; probably just coming along for the heck of it
Art b .. loitering ..
vdub brvs - if I have the bus ? also would like to know how to improve the electrics and adjust the doors.
bryandsi - gearbox oil change and fitting a passenger seat swivel (plus drinking beer)
Wigglesworth - Fitting a tracker & attempting to fit front & rear fog lights via a second Bay pull out light switch (if it can be done?)
Volkswombat & MrsVolkswombat + 2kids - a weekend of camping, learning & geocaching!
SeanOC - no idea, just pottering again
Mattlad - not coming but if I was I would need to do the clutch release bearing (list seemed to need more people doing stuff rather than sitting around, drinking, farting etc)
Scrooge95 - asking questions (hopefully intelligent ones!), learning stuff, getting ideas about waxoyling (but mostly likely not actually doing it as it's too messy), gear box bush / plate stuff.
surfgir1 - not making plans, certainly not, but I still haven't done the poptop roof struts. I'll probably manage to eat any cake offered and force a few beers down too...
The Robo's - Repairing whatever I break on the way - NOTE TO SELF: When hitting starter motor with a mallet look to see where the fuel pipes are first so you don't then spend the weekend changing fuel lines & stinking of petrol
The 3 Crispies - Planning on coming again to replace brake fluid (seanOC can you bring bleed kit pls)
Bertie the Bus - might have my eldest daughter with me. Looking forward to meeting you all, nosing around different bays and learning lots. Hopefully how to do service especially tappets, timing, front beam
SPROGGY4830 I'm gonna make one in with whe wife , just gonna look at a few vans and take pictures of bit I need to do on my van , particularly brake servo and other bits needed to fit it So if anyone has a mounting bracket for a servo if you fetch I would be interested in buying it .it will br the furthest we have been in the van so I am just hoping we get there mainly .


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