Techenders September 2015 

  • By Paul
  • 09 Feb, 2017

Extra, Extra Techenders 

I didn't make this techenders either.

This is what Lasty (Chris) had to say about it
Great weekend , didn`t get chance to say hello to everyone as `stuff` to do but good to put names to faces , Lord Congi and WoodyLubber to name but two ..
BIG thanks to Ermintrude and vanorak for taking my old tele up to mi mums in Otley and even setting it up for
her , that after having driven from techenders to Saltaire - above and beyond the call of duty but much appreciated
Thanks also to Iain McAvoy for the loan of industial crimpers to splice the main power cable together and ALSO providing a box of chocolate buttons which were gobbled down the Kids and a few greedy grown ups - the guilty ones know who you are 

This is what Stewart Kombi thought:
thanks for a great couple,of days in the sun. I nearly got me a ciggy lighter socket put in (thanks dicky and sick bay!), adjusted my valves and clutch cable using the grass as a feather bed (better than the road outside my house).....but mainly got about 10 garage visits worth of superb advice from you guys! Worth its weight in gold that advice, what with winter coming an all.

Thanks to bus monkey,and Lord congie (windscreen wiper offer is a good un!), Chris G for advice on when not to weld (accelerator pedal is falling through floor, again) and people,showing me their propexes and heaters, I'm still in a state of shock that I might have heat next week, ( 16 years of unheated bay winter driving has made me soft) .

I even got a cheapo windscreen cover from a fella with a aesthetically coloured modern car, with no rust on it at all ( the car that is, the covers got eyes on it). Cheers Ricky ! And anybody else I chatted with about stuff.

Great stuff, lovely location lovely people. Don't mind when the next one is, will go even if I have to cancel something else.! Fantastic!

Who went?
- 1973daisey
- Spacecowboyuk
- davidoft
- Baysearcher and crew (Mrs / Little'un dependant)
- pkrboo (depending on work) (wont be having breakfast anyway)
- Razzyh with kids probably
- Robo & the Robo clan + possible tent & couple of friends ( 4 x adults & 3 x kiddies for brekky Sunday Morning only )
- zed There are bound to be things I need to do
- Dicky lord knows. In the adults only section watching baysearchers creche from a distance!
- theBusmonkey , lots of good intentions...probably just chilling
- rickyrooo1 - wandering lonely as a cloud, pausing at times to look wistfully at bays, pricing up bonnet bras and diesel
- Moons - looking suitably lost and being hustled for beverages
- T5 Tatty, parking bumper to bumper with Dicky probably 
- Stewart Kombi, cooking bacon using only sunshine, if it's sunny
- Mr & MrssANDYbAY, Chloe and Skippy, serious mooching about (breakfasts X 2)
- art b ...very poss with mrs b , sat aft onwards as were out on friday nite
- MK-Bay, probably with Mrs-MK-Bay and Amelia-MK-Bay and dogs... like to change my gearbox oil and probably a few other things too! 
-chris_g & Joe Saturday morning, refitting sliding door window, help needed please.
-Bluerustybucket + the boy. from Saturday AM as that was the deal struck with the Mrs !. Will someone be able to have a look at the steering on the van as i'm unsure if it needs the box adjusting ?!
- Lasty Re painting black balls apparently !
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